Major Associationship with Industries

SJBIT endow with additional Industrial training in research laboratory equipping students handling live projects to make students to enhance their employability and become productive from the day one to their employers. In order to encourage Industrial houses to create corpus funds in academic institutions for promoting applied R&D relevant to their needs; SJBIT is associated with many Industries having vibrant objectives.

Some of the major association ships SJBIT have with industries are:

1. M/s. Bosch Rexroth India

2. M/s. Tata consultancy services ltd.

3. M/s. Wipro Technologies

4. M/s. Sharp software development ltd.

5. M/s. National Instruments (India)

6. M/s. Hire Craft software Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore

7. M/s. Power Research & Development, Consultants Pvt.Ltd.

8. M/s. CISCO Pvt.Ltd

9. M/s. Tata Texas Instruments Pvt.Ltd

10. M/s. Bio Axis DNA Research Centre Pvt. Ltd.

11. M/s. Microsoft

12. M/s. Infosys

13. M/s. HCL

14. M/s. Cognizant

15. M/s. L&T Infotech

16. M/s. Global Edge Software

17. M/s. MSME Development Institute

18. M/s. Etnotech Pvt. Ltd

19. M/s. ORACLE Pvt. Ltd

20. M/s. University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK

21. M/s. Meizu Technology Company, China

22. M/s. Apple

23. M/s University of Agricultural Science

M/s.HireCraft software Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore in collaboration with SJBIT has started providing an industry learning and R & D facility at SJBIT campus from 2011. As a part of this Technical CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE (TCE) programme it provides industrial training and live project orientation during the academic program, starting from 3rd Semester till 8th Semester.Around 15 selected students have completed their training successfully and will be provided Multiple Live projects for each student ; which also satisfy academic fulfilment needs. On completion of each project; M/s. Hire Craft Software Pvt. Ltd. will pay compensation to the team.

The Following will be the scope in the program:

1. An expert programming training to build your programming capability to be the best in the industry

2. To build specialized skills in of the following streams:

        i) .Net (C#, ASP.Net)

        ii) Silverlight

        iii)iOS (iPad and iPhone development)

        iv) Android (Used by many Mobile devices)

        v) MS Windows 8

3. For MBA students, they will be trained as Business Analysts to design functional specification and manage the project lifecycle starting from Project Inception till Project Delivery


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