About M-Power

M-Power is an Inter Collegiate Technical Fest of Mechanical Engineering Department SJBIT. It was started in the year 2014. The fest is collaboratively organized by students of 8th, 6th and 4th semester students and supported by staff members. The objective of the fest is provide a platform for students to participate and showcase their talent to the mass in various field of interest. Students can explore various avenues in both technical as well as management aspect by organizing various events. This helps in imbibing leadership skills amongst them through accumulating sponsorships from industry and other sectors as well as organizing and conducting events themselves.

The events organized during M-power

1. Gaming: Death Race, Remote Controlled Car Race

2. Auto quiz

3. Sherlock Holmes: Final Problem, be a detective and solve the case

4. Gymoholics: Test your endurance

5. Pit stop: Time your stop

6. Quick Saw

7. IPL Auction

8. Goals on Wheels

9. Laser Tag


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