Activity 2018-19

Orientation to Students by Class Teacher and HOD

As a normal routine we acquainted the students about College, department, Vision and Missions of college and department. This also focused on university mandates, college rules and regulations, optimum usage of facilities provided in department.

Workshop for Students

“C Programming and Data structures” 

The workshop for 3rd semester on C programming held between January 16th  to 18th January and on Data structures from 4th and 5th of February, 2019  in the department. The aim of this  workshop  was to give every student , the knowledge of C  programming language and help to build their career in programming language and make them comfortable in writing any C programs. The program started with the basics of C programming and importance of having the about C programming.

“Oracle and SQL Database”

A six days workshop for 6th semester  on Oracle and SQL database was conducted in two stages  i.e., from 28th February – 2nd March,2019 and from 18th March 2019-20th March 2019. Students were taught about Relational Database Management System and its features. Students got an introduction on structured Query Language and the operators, functions used in the language. Students were able to focus  deeply  to the concepts such as creating and altering  tables, sub queries, joins and Normalization. Conclusively the students studied the importance of Database management system and its applications with hands on experience

“C++ Programming”

The workshop for 4th semester on C++ programming held between January 28th to February 2nd, 2019 in the department. The aim of this  workshop  was to give every student , the knowledge of C++ programming language and help to build their career in programming language and make them comfortable in writing any C++ programs. The program started with the basics of  programming and covered classes, objects, polymorphism, encapsulation, dynamic and static memory allocation. Students  exposed  to the knowledge of signal handling and memory management which is one of the important aspect in any programming subject. They also discussed about the  inheritance and application of virtual functions  and pure virtual functions. Significance of exception handling , file handling mechanism, data structures were also  taught. Example programs on each topic were discussed and executed in the systems

Guest Lectures

A  Guest lecturer was delivered on the topic “Electrical Design, Facility Management, Lighting Design, use of Relux Software in Lighting Industry” by Prof.Ashif Akhter, Delhi and Mr. Muneer Bangalore on  27/03/2019

Students Club activities

Dyuti 2019

Department of EEE has organized department fest Dyuti’19 on 10th  April 2019.Around 1000 plus Students from various institutions under VTU have participated and making the event grand succes.

Women’s  Day celebration

Women’s Day celebration was celebrated in EEE department with various games for staffs. 

Farewell Function

Department of EEE has organized Farewell function by 6thsem& 4thsem students for outgoing 8thsem students on 24th May 2019.

Industrial Visit

Industrial visit for the academic year 2018-19 was organized on 20thMarch 2019. We the students of IV semester students to visit 220/66 KV Somanahalli Receiving station.The essentials components of the 220KV substation, SCADA and various programming done in the control room i.e., PLC control. Students were abled cleared many of their  practical and technical doubts about substations fromassistant engineers.

Industrial visit/trip for the academic year 2018-19 was organized on 27th  February 2019. We the students of 8th Semester visited FUTURE MOBILITY SHOW 2019 Green Connected and Shared Mobility BIEC, Bengaluru

The event will focus on technological advancements and innovations to bring in alternate solutions to the conventional fuels that are currently in use in the automobile sector and to help achieve the target of zero emission mobility for India, in future


Department of Sports, SJB Institute of technology organized Annual Sports Meet on 03-04-2019 at SJBIT ground. Dr. Puttaraju, Principal SJBIT. Dr. B Amarnath, Registrar SJBIT and Mr. A. Rajendra Babu, Retired Senior Hand ball Coach, Sports Authority of India are the chief guests for the sports meet 2019.EEE students had participated in various sports events as part of the annual sports meet which will be held on 03-04-2019, and won 100mts 2nd place, 200mts 1st place, 4*100 mts Relay women 1st place & Kho-Kho 1st place  and also secured 3rd place in the overall championship


National service scheme Unit of SJB Institute of Technology organized special one-week NSS Camp at village J Byadarahalli, Channapatna Taluk, Ramanagara District from 25-02-2019 to 03-03-2019. The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Puttaraju, Principal SJBIT, Dr. B R Doreswamy, NSS Officer, SJBIT and other dignitaries of the village.

EEE students actively participated in one week NSS camp various activities were organized, which was started by cleaning the one of the old heritage Kalyani of the village, Tree plantation program and awareness through door to door campaign on cleanliness, spread of diseases, importance of environment, water harvesting and community health services

Non- Teaching Training

A workshop  for  non-teaching  staff was conducted  from 7/2/2019 to 9/2/2019 to throw light on practical conduction of Electrical labs in the department . All the experiments contained in the syllabus were discussed by the resource persons and hands on sessions were enabled to enrich their practical knowledge in all the lab subjects. The Technical staffs  could able to  execute and expertise in all the experiments of DSP, Control Systems, Electrical machines, CAED and Electronics lab and they were able to understand the basic principles of the Electrical Engineering laboratory.

JVTM 2019

EEE Department students had participated and showcase the project in JVTM 2019 which was held at Adichunchanagiri Mutt

Alumni Meet & Interaction

Alumni Meet was held at SJBIT Auditorium