Technical –Talk Series

The Institution has been hosting a lecture series by renowned persons from Industries / academia, abroad; providing in-depth sight of recent developments in Engineering & technology. This program is supported by Advanced Computing & Communications Society (R). Under this programme; the following lectures were being arranged during the academic year 2012-13.

Date Title of the Lecture Speaker Designation
12-09-2012 Dynamically reconfigurable systems: Evolution, Applications and Perspectives Dr. Mario Porrmann Academic Director,Research group of Cognitronics and Sensor systems Centre of Excellence; Cognitive Interaction Technology, Germany
10-11-2012 Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing Dr Alexander Pasik Chief Information officer, IEEE, USA
13-02-2013 DSP from different and simpler perspectives Dr. Arulalan Rajan Professor, CEDT, IISc
06-03-2013 Big Data Analytics- Talk or Action? Harihara Natarajan Lead Architect, Big Data, Wipro Technologies
13-03-2013 Toward a new computing ecosystem: Merging processors and FPGAs Dr. Madhura Purnaprajna Post-Doctoral Fellow,EPFL, Switzerland
27-03-2013 How to prevent degenerative diseases? N. Kumar DNHE, Freelance Journalist
03-04-2013 J-Gate User awareness Mr. Kalyan Chakraborty Business Development & Training Executive M/s.Informatics Limited

A memento being presented to Dr. Alexander Pasik Chief Information officer, IEEE, USA


Audience during the tech-talk on “Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing” delivered `by Dr. Alexander Pasik


Dr.N Rama Murthy, Additional Director, CAIR, during his talk on ‘Wireless sensor Network


The Principal conversing with Dr. N Rama Murthy, Additional Director, CAIR, B’lore


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