MBA Programme spreads to four semesters

Subject code Subject
12MBA11 Managing Organization
12MBA12 Managerial Economics
12MBA13 Quantitative Methods-I
12MBA14 Accounting for Management
12MBA15 IT for Manager
12MBA16 Managerial Communication
Subject code Subject
12MBA21 Business, Government and Society
12MBA22 Quantitative Methods-II
12MBA23 Macro Business Environment
12MBA24 Marketing Management
12MBA25 Financial Management
12MBA26 Human Resource Management
Subject code Subject
12MBA31 Strategic Management
12MBA32 Operations Management
Marketing Area
12MBAMM311 Business Marketing
12MBAMM312 Sales & Retail Management
12MBAMM313 Consumer Behaviour
12MBAMM314 Services Marketing
Finance Area
12MBAFM321 Advanced Financial Management
12MBAFM322 Investment Management
12MBAFM323 Banking & Financial Services
12MBAFM324 Cost Management
Human Resource Area
12MBAHR341 Recruitment & Selection
12MBAHR342 Compensation & Benefits
12MBAHR343 Learning & Development
12MBAHR344 Labour Law & Employee Relations
Subject code Subject
12MBA41 Supply Chain Management
12MBA42 Total Quality Management
Marketing Area
12MBAMM415 Rural Marketing
12MBAMM416 Strategic Brand Management
12MBAMM417 Integrated Marketing Communication
12MBAMM418 International Marketing Management
Finance Area
12MBAFM425 Project Appraisal Planning & Control
12MBAFM426 International Financial Management
12MBAFM427 Risk Management
12MBAFM428 Tax Management
Human Resource Area
12MBAHR445 International Human Resource Management
12MBAHR446 Personal Growth & Interpersonal Effectiveness
12MBAHR447 Organization Development & Change
12MBAHR448 Strategic Talent Management


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