Research Fund Information

Sl. No. Name of the Teacher               Project Title Year of Sanction Funding Agency Total Amount Sanctioned
1 Dr.Ramaraju Studies on Decentralized Treatment for Vrushabhavathi Valley Waste Water 2015-16 KSTePS 3000000
2 Lakshmi C Solid waste management at SJBIT 2013-14 SJBIT R&D 25000
3 Ramesh R L Recycled Plastics Used as coarse aggregate for constructional concrete 2014-15 KSCST 4500
4 Dr. NagarajSitaram Performance evaluation of waste tyre and tube rubber as a partial replacement for Fine and Coarse aggregate in cement concrete 2014-15 KSCST 5500
5 Lakshmi C Production and utilization of bio energy from flower waste by anaerobic decomposition process 2014-15 KSCST 4000


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