The Alumni Association of SJB maintains and enhances a highly engaged vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide. The latter was formed on 28th December 2010. SJBIT Alumni Association approximately has 5600 alumni. The purpose of the SJBAA is to promote the welfare of SJBIT and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between SJBIT and its alumni. The SJBAA also plays a critical role in fostering alumni-to-alumni connections opportunities. SJB Alumni contribute their time, energy and expertise to help SJBIT fraternity grow, develop and prosper.

The current Executive Council members

Designation Name Department Phone No Batch
President Santhosh N CSE 9986877136 2005-2008
Vice-President Hanumanthaiah R ISE 9886604420 2010-2013
Secretary Adarsh P ISE 9611210249 2009-2012
Treasurer Arun Kumar N EEE 9742019862 2005-2008
Member Naveed Rahaman V EEE 9844200194 2005-2008
Member Venkatesh Bharadwaj S V ISE 8971216356 2010-2013
Member Kishan K S ISE 9538611257 2009-2012
Member Gnanesh S EEE 9538028428 2009-2012
Member Apoorva P B Mechanical 7760517465 2010-2013
Member Nagararjuna Kumar CSE 9945485194 2010-2013
Member Darshan P ISE 9538717468 2009-2012
Member Ganesh Keerthi ECE 9743419125 2009-2012
Institute nominee Ravi Ranjan Kishore ECE 7406111233 2009-2012
Institute nominee Sahana Prasanna ECE 4676750551 2009-2012


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